About Us

CUE Engineering Inc. is a company dedicated to providing essential engineering, technical, inspection and specialized shop services to the utility and construction equipment industries.  CUE Engineering was established in 1993 by two engineers, who built on their experience with manufacturers of utility equipment.

Our team includes engineers, technicians and shop personnel who bring decades of experience to bear on the solution of problems for our customers.  We provide innovative ideas to meet the work requirements of our customers in the utility, construction and material handling equipment fields.

Our services include inspection, for both initial qualification and for periodic maintenance as prescribed by Regulation, equipment manufacturers’ recommendations and good practice.  We provide dielectric testing of insulated equipment and tools; acoustic emission testing of fiberglass reinforced plastic booms, ultrasonic testing of various components and other non-destructive testing of vehicle mounted equipment.  We do certification tests to meet stability requirements outlined in National standards and provincial Regulations for cranes, aerial devices, digger derricks and certain material handling equipment.  We perform load and other prescribed tests to verify performance of equipment and accessories, including those fitted to emergency vehicles and ambulances.

We provide engineering services to manufacturers, vendors and users of utility, construction and other mobile work equipment, such as design, product verification, major repair recommendations, custom modifications and tool development to meet specific work methods.  We are registered with PEO to provide consulting services.

Our shop is equipped to produce custom designed work equipment and attachments or modifications, as well as carry out specific structural repairs to restore equipment to original working condition.  We also install original equipment on road or off-road vehicles.  We are CWB certified under W47.1.